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Here’s an interesting interview with Lyle Ekdahl, group vice president and general manager for Oracle’s JD Edwards. Profit: What’s special about the latest JD Edwards release? Ekdahl: The current release has more than 20 patents pending on the work that we’ve done. We provided a whole new user interaction paradigm for our customers by leveraging Oracle technologies with […]

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Further demonstrating its commitment to supporting the mobile workforce, Oracle today announced Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Requisition Self Service Approval,Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Purchase Order Approval and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Sales Inquiry applications.

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Your FA accountant has just performed a disposal and posted the batch.  Unfortunately it was for the wrong group of assets.  Is there an easy way to undo this disposal?  Yes!  Read on to find out how.

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Explanation of what account is debited by Cash Basis for vouchers created via a 3-way match process

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Setting up Recurring Vouchers in Accounts Payable can be a great time-saver. They are perfect for situations when vouchers need to be entered at specific intervals and the amounts and G/L Distributions are always the same. Examples might be:

* Monthly mortgage and car payments
* Quarterly subscription dues
* Annual life insurance payments

The process is similar to entering a Standard Voucher, with just a couple of extra fields to enter, and 1 report to run.

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The existing Financial Reports that come standard with JDEdwards are not pretty, I must admit. They tend to get very long due to 0-balance accounts printing. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which accounts are listed, because only the Account Description prints, not the Account Number. And how do you get them to print the balances for specific Business Units, vs. rolling them up to the Company level, or maybe even using a category Code to consolidate? The last topic is the focus of this week’s blog: report consolidations.

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BiG Consulting Corporation has just completed a 3-day Fixed Assets Assessment for a medical device sterilization company.

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It has been an absolute joy to discover and start using WordPress.  No more HTML, no more awkward-looking web pages (yes, its subjective).  Add a new page to the website?  It’s just a click away.  Create a new blog post?  It’s a breeze.  Change the look and feel of the entire website?  Just pick a […]

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