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To alleviate the potential for duplicate records when you enter, revise, or upload address book records, you can activate duplicate record validation in the Address Book system. You specify whether you want the system to issue a warning or error message when it finds records with the same alpha name, city, and zip code combination or the same tax ID.

Apr 22nd, 2010 | Filed under Address Book, JDEdwards

You may have a requirement to print separate checks for certain Vendors. Taxing entities come to mind as a prime example. If you have 5 approved vouchers in AP, a typical setup would combine them into a single payment. But you actually need separate payments for the Government, State and Local tax authorities. One method is to manually run the Create Payment Control Group and select individual Vouchers in the data selection. This is cumbersome and potentially error-prone. In the newer releases of JDEdwards, there is new functionality available to automatically accomplish this task.

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