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For brand-new Job Cost Jobs, it’s possible to upload the Original Budget via Excel. This article shows how

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This blog entry will show you how to enter a single-sided Journal Entry in JD Edwards, and then post an unbalanced batch.

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Survival of the International Accounting Standards Board as originally conceived has been put in question by the uncertainty over the adoption of global accounting standards in the U.S., said Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, newly appointed chairman of the IASB trustee group.

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This blog entry discusses the initial Cash Basis setups in JD Edwards, and some of the techniques for fixing the failed batches

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Lease accounting for property and equipment will soon get a lot more complicated, according to this article. The new FASB recommendations are to be released some time in June.

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From the Journal of Accountancy: IFRS For SMEs-U.S. GAAP Comparison Tool Available Online While the SEC moves toward a 2011 vote on whether to require U.S. public companies to report using IFRS, a more compact version of the international standards is already an option, subject to state board approval, for U.S. private companies. Now there’s […]

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Companies often have the need to enter large quantities of Vouchers/AP Invoices at a time. They may need to use it once for a one-time import, such as Open AP migration, or an ongoing process, like weekly imports of vouchers. This blog entry describes a process for performing mass uploads of Vouchers in AP

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Setting up Recurring Vouchers in Accounts Payable can be a great time-saver. They are perfect for situations when vouchers need to be entered at specific intervals and the amounts and G/L Distributions are always the same. Examples might be:

* Monthly mortgage and car payments
* Quarterly subscription dues
* Annual life insurance payments

The process is similar to entering a Standard Voucher, with just a couple of extra fields to enter, and 1 report to run.

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A common scenario encountered at clients using multiple Companies is the desire to enter multi-line PO’s with each line referencing an expense account in a different Company. During vouchering, all the lines must hit a single AP Trade account. All the lines also need to go to the same default Bank account. Standard JDE setups typically spread the lines into different AP Trade and Bank accounts. Is there a way to force all the lines to go to the same AP Trade and Bank account? The answer is yes!

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The existing Financial Reports that come standard with JDEdwards are not pretty, I must admit. They tend to get very long due to 0-balance accounts printing. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which accounts are listed, because only the Account Description prints, not the Account Number. And how do you get them to print the balances for specific Business Units, vs. rolling them up to the Company level, or maybe even using a category Code to consolidate? The last topic is the focus of this week’s blog: report consolidations.

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